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I Will Make YOU An Independent, Full-Time,
Professional Trader
in as little as 3 to 6 months,
even Trading 5 Min Per Day.

1% FX Academy

  • Become A Professional Trader
  • Step-By-Step Profitable System
  • Proven Trading Methodology
  • Exclusive Weekly Analysis
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Trade For A Living
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee

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Take a look inside, see how it works and what's included.

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Main Course

Learn everything you need to trade with The 1% FX Academy Main Course: 16+ hours, 15 modules, 86 lessons, 20+ live trade examples

Weekly Analysis

Watch over my shoulder every weekend my own analysis on the hottest 10+ Currency Pairs on my Watchlist.

1-on-1 Coaching

Get true personal coaching to become a consistent profitable trader ASAP.
Even get mentored to get up to $350.000 in funding and trade professionally!

24/7 Support

Ask Phil anything anytime. From a simple question on the Main Course, to specific hurdles you have on your own trading.

See Verified Results From Some Of Our Members...

I’m so glad I came across and joined the Academy. I’ve been wasting so much time trying to learn how to trade FX on my own. 4 months in and 67% ROI. Proud of myself. Thank you a lot Phil!”
Jason A. Clark
Denver CO (USA)
I have a background as a Financial Analyst, and I can say the concept of statistical methods to develop winning strategies is worth the Academy alone. I’ve been trading for 5 months now, and made 64% on my account. Very happy with the results so far. Thank you Phil!"
Shirley S. Goodlett
Tampa, FL (USA)

Watch The Power Of 1-on-1 Coaching Via The
"Trader's Accelerator Program"

Another 55% gain in just 1 MONTH following the Academy methodology...

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About Phil:

Phil has been involved with FX trading since 2010, and after years of experience, he developed a winning trading system (alongside his own proprietary risk management system) which is now able to give stable, predicable returns every year with minimal risk to his investors.

Now he is also sharing this knowledge with everyone that wants to become a professional trader themselves here at 1% FX Academy.

Do you have what it takes? …

Are You Ready?

Academy Membership

  • LIFETIME access to the 1% FX Academy Mastery Course (16+ hours, 15 modules, 83 lessons, 20+ live trade examples)
  • LIFETIME Exclusive Upcoming Week Market Analysis (delivered in your inbox every weekend)
  • Access To The Toolkit (Trade Journal With Equity Curve Analysis and MonteCarlo Sheet)
  • 24/7 Course/General Trading Support
  • Lifetime Access To The "Trader's Accelerator Program"
  • Real 1-on-1 Coaching With Phil To Guarantee Your Success
  • Special Coaching To Get Funded Up To $350.000 To Trade Professionally by AxiSelect Prgram
  • LIFETIME (Better than) 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • All Future Updates Included


If after applying the strategies and methodologies taught on the Main Course, and going through at least 3 cycles of the Trader's Accelerator Program* you don't get POSITIVE % returns, I will grant you a full refund

Plus,I will STILL give you lifetime access to the COMPLETE 1% FX Academy Membership at NO COST for you.The Guarantee holds FOR LIFE.

*(You must provide your broker’s account statement to show proof the trades where actually executed.)


It’s very simple. The Academy is far superior to other trading courses/programs because here you get GUARANTEED RESULTS. I’ve seen many people join cheap courses just to end up being “half-informed” about trading, and trying to figure it out but all they get is they losing a lot of money and giving up trading! When you get to join the Academy, you get 1-on-1 attention and you get RESULTS. That is why people seek us. Besides, the Academy is the FIRST and only program that actually offers a LIFETIME money-back guarantee. What else do you need?

Yes it is. There is no hidden fees or anything like that. I could easily charge this much on a monthly basis and I would get people to actually pay for it. But this is not my goal. My main goal is to get YOU into a profitable trader as soon as possible, and get the money you invested back quickly. This way you basically get everything for “free”, and you can focus on reinvesting into your account.

You can expect to transform yourself from the usual struggling trader habits into attacking trading like a professional. Our most successful students are making anywhere from 20% to 50% per quarter (on average). If you know a thing or two about compounding, you know the possibilities you can have with your new acquired skills!

It all depends on you. How much time you devote to studying, following the markets, never miss a candle, and commit yourself to this long-term. Most of the members get their money back even before finishing their first 30 trades milestone. This can happen either in 3-6 months or 1 year. It’s up to you how hard you work for it. DO NOT THINK YOU ARE GOING TO GET RICH IN 2 MONTHS. You are in for a disappointment (and you will stay with the other 99% of losing traders forever).

Worst case scenario, if you don’t make money trading (which is highly unlikely if you follow my methods and take advantage of my guidance) and prove to use the methods taught in the Academy with your broker's statement, you get 100% your money back. Not only that, but you will still have LIFETIME access to the Academy at no cost. This guarantee holds FOR LIFE. So take your time, and go through the process. I got your back.

Awesome question. The reality is that after mastering trading, and being very successful managing other people’s funds, I feel I have the OBLIGATION to share my acquired knowledge and wisdom with the world, specially with all the BS that is being spread throughout the internet. My main goal is to help people leave the 99% of losing traders, and join the 1%. I’ve been there and I know how the struggle feels like. Plus, there is no better feeling than teaching and helping other people reach their goals!

NO, IT'S NOT. I will never tell you "just enter this trade" and you are done. That's not the point here. I want YOU to become a trader, generate your own ideas and trades, and get a new set of skills you will hold FOREVER, without depending on anyone or anything. This way you become an INDEPENDENT TRADER, and you will be able to make money anytime anywhere, as long as you have a market to trade. The methods I teach are used by top traders in Forex, Stocks, Futures, Options, etc. This way you become into someone independent, with the ability to make money for life.

Well, it's simple. If I do that, I would be doing a disservice to my students, adding pressure to their learning curve. It would never work out well. That's why my guarantee is PERFORMANCE-BASED, not "time" based. To master the craft of trading, it will take you much more than that. Think more in the range of 3-12 months. That's why my guarantee has no time limit, it is valid FOR LIFE. That's the best way I can guarantee your success.