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“Engineered to transform you into a consistent profitable trader, being able to generate steady and consistent income form the markets like clockwork, trading for a living.”

Here’s what you get…

The Complete “3E Trading System” Course

Get the complete 3E Trading System Course (50+ Video Lessons, 10 Modules, over 15 Live trade examples, and much more), so you can learn a predictable, proven, and reliable system to trade forex and generate STEADY and CONSISTENT profits for you.

Imagine approaching your charts with the confidence of KNOWING and FEELING like a pro trader, and FINALLY being able to generate consistent profits from the markets, giving you FREEDOM to do whatever you want in life!

Learn how to take advantage of the “Whale-Trade” Effect and get consistent 8%, 9%, and even 12% R.O.I. from JUST one trade, trading 5-15 minutes per day, just like I do.

No more staring at your charts 8 hours straight, trying to guess where to buy or sell and go INSANE trying to squeeze some pips from your account, trying 10’s of different trading systems with the same end result… pure financial LOSS.

Still have a day job? With this methodology, you CAN trade for a living spending just 5-15 minutes per day. That’s how I do it. There are NO excuses to reclaim your freedom.

Do you get EMOTIONAL with your trading, and as a results constantly make trading decisions based on FEAR? THAT’S WHY you will never be able to trade profitably, unless you learn how to take care of your emotions.

With the “Mindset Engine", you’ll be able to install the “Statistical thinking” you need to make the complete “3E Trading System” work, embedding this into your unconscious mind, embracing the element of randomness in the markets with a simple yet-effective formula (to become a CONSISTENTLY profitable trader, generating profits 24/7)!

With the “Expectancy Engine” you will see how to trade with a “Statistical Edge”, turning your trading account from a money-burning hole into a PROFIT GENERATING MACHINE, which grows like a Casino, 24/7.

No more fear of losing your hard-earned cash, KNOWING that you are making money REGARDLESS if your trades are winners or losers.

Get access to the “Equity-Growth Accelerator Blueprint”, and learn how to use Compounding in a unique way to grow your account FAST and trade for a living as soon as possible, even if you are just starting out with 2-3 thousand $ account. No big bucks required here.

Learn my “Trade For A Living Plan” where you learn how to MANAGE PROFITS, so you can earn a living off your trading efforts.

Remember, if you treat your trading account like an ATM, or like “your boss sending you a paycheck every month” you are set up for trouble… What good is it to learn how to generate profits IF you don’t know how to manage them, and live off them?

Get access to the Retail Forex Broker Guide, so you know what you are up against. Choosing the correct broker is a MUST, and for us, partnering with the wrong broker could be the difference between achieving your goals or fail miserably…

Get the “Performance Analysis And Long Term Growth Masterclass”. Learn how to GROW your account over time, troubleshooting your performance with a set of special metrics, achieving FX Trading longevity.

When you apply everything in this masterclass you’ll have the tools to extract money from the markets LONG TERM, achieving the most desirable element among forex traders… Account growth and profit-pulling LONGEVITY.

Here's What You'll Learn...

Here are some results the “3E Trading System” Produces…

I’m so glad I came across and joined the Academy. I’ve been wasting so much time trying to learn how to trade FX on my own. 4 months in and 67% ROI. Proud of myself. Thank you a lot Phil!”
Jason A. Clark
Denver CO (USA)
I have a background as a Financial Analyst, and I can say the concept of statistical methods to develop winning strategies is worth the Academy alone. I’ve been trading for 5 months now, and made 64% on my account. Very happy with the results so far. Thank you Phil!"
Shirley S. Goodlett
Tampa, FL (USA)

Another 55% gain in just 1 MONTH following the Academy methodology...

The Exclusive Member’s Weekly Analysis

Get access to the Exclusive Members Weekly Analysis, where you receive every weekend my own weekly outlook for the markets with the BEST upcoming trading opportunities.

Feel overwhelmed when approaching your charts?

Cut through the clutter as I show you over-my-shoulder how I look and dissect the best upcoming trades applying the “3E Trading System”… these are the SAME trades I place for my investors at 1% FX Capital.

Check out a sample below, where I pointed two trades in the EUR/USD and EUR/JPY to our members, 2 weeks BEFORE the trades actually happened…

…and resulted in two 11.24% and 14.27% gainers respectively…

Be aware though, this is NOT a signal service.

This is for SERIOUS people, wanting to become INDEPENDENT profitable traders. If you need ME to place trades, you DON’T have freedom.

Here you will learn SKILLS that will make YOU able to extract money from the markets at will, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

24/7, 1-on-1 Support With Phil

Get 24/7 Support with Phil himself where you can ask any questions you have about the “3E Trading System”, so you will NEVER find yourself stuck alone, trying to work something out from the course by yourself.

Fear of feeling overwhelmed, or not being able to make it work? You can ask your questions anytime, Phil himself is there for you to give you answers 24/7 to make sure everything “ticks” for you.

You are NOT alone in your journey…


Before I go on, I need to make something VERY CLEAR.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. DO NOT expect to Join the Academy and become a millionaire in 2 months.

If you want that, then continue doing what you are doing and keep blowing accounts, losing your hard earned money…

IF you want to DO THE WORK, and become a consistent, profitable trader capable of growing his capital and extract CONSISTENT PROFITS from the markets like clockwork, then keep reading…

Now, for those who would like to join, I have great news for you.

I want YOU to get in with a reasonable investment, be able to recoup it quickly, and re invest profits into your account as soon as possible and GROW IT QUICKLY.

So here is What you get:

  • The Complete “3E Trading System” Course 
  • The Exclusive Member’s Weekly Analysis 
  • 24/7 Support With Phil 

Now, not-too-long ago if you wanted to get the full 1% FX Academy Membership with everything inside, you had to invest $ 2.000 USD…

This is no fake stuff.

Now, if you know me long enough, you know the sticker price for the Academy was truly $ 2k!

Check out some receipts for you to see…

Now, if by investing $ 1.997, you could get a complete PROVEN system to generate CONSISTENT profits, and be able to extract money from the markets consistently (keep in mind you will learn skills that would pay you for a lifetime and NO ONE can take away from you)… would it be worth it?

And if you could ALSO get every weekend my own Market Analysis, the same analysis I use to look for the BEST trades to trade for my investors at my fund… at the same time show you how to apply the “3E Trading System” in real life charts for your continuous learning… would it be worth it?

What about being able to ask me, a professional Forex Trader, any questions or concerns 24/7 whenever you need? Would it also be worth it?

Of course it would.

It would also pay itself in just a few months (if not just a few weeks for some) and recoup the $ 1.997 investment quickly…

Really a no brainer. 

That’s how it went down.

But I have awesome news for you…

I decided to make it WAY more affordable for people to join, and transform their lives for the better fulfilling all their trading dreams. 

Instead of having to invest that much, I truly feel letting you join for a fraction of the cost it’s the best, making it easier to add more cash to your trading account (and compound your gains much faster).

This would also make you able to recoup your investment in the Academy membership in record time, while keeping LIFETIME access to it (including my Exclusive Weekly Analysis in your inbox).

I really want YOU to be successful!

That’s what I’m really after.

So today you are NOT going to invest $ 1.997 …


Nor $ 1.495 …


Not even $ 995 ..


You can get access to everything inside the Academy FOR LIFE, for a one-time investment of $ 495!

A 75% OFF discount right here!

This is really a minimal investment if you look at all the value you get, not to mention the life-long acquired skills of becoming a profitable trader…

And even I got a recent email, where one of our members said “the Weekly Analysis is worth the cost of the course alone”…

…and keep in mind he invested WAY MORE than just $495!

Now, if you want to become a profitable trader, able to generate CONSISTENT profits from the markets at will, and FINALLY get the FREEDOM you deserve, click the button below to join and make stuff HAPPEN.

“Become A Profitable Trader, or 100% your-money-back Guarantee”

That’s right… If you apply the “3E Trading system” (following all the rules and guidelines inside the course), for at least 30 documented trades* , and you DON’T end up with profit in your account, I will give you 100% your money back.

* (Documented Trades: You must provide your broker's statement to show this trades where actually executed, following the "3E Trading System" as taught inside the Academy)

Am I crazy? No I’m not. That’s how confident I stand behind my “3E Trading System”.

So what is going to be? 

Have you decided you want to stay with the “Wannabes”, blowing accounts left and right, going crazy trying to find the “perfect trading system”, and STILL asking yourself “how is that professional traders make money”?

Or you want to COMMIT yourself to your dreams, become a CONSISTENT, profitable trader, being able to extract profits from the markets like clockwork, and CLAIM the FREEDOM that you deserve?

REMEMBER: Because of the Law of compounding, the sooner you get started, the more exponential your results can be…

There is a famous quote among traders: “The best moment to start trading was last year”. Pretty self-explanatory.

And even now I pulled price from $ 1.997, to $ 495… (a 75% OFF discount for you right now).

Can’t make it easier for you.

Take advantage of this opportunity, and IF you are ready to DO THE WORK, I see you inside…

Make it happen!

To your success,

Phil Guirao
(Professional Trader/Money Manager)